3 Big Health Mistakes Men Make In Their 30s

You may have been the High School jock, the college athlete, the person “most likely to make NFL history”. But when you get a corporate job and put your health on the backburner, the closest you can get to the NFL is fantasy football.

Unfortunately, a lot of men fail to maintain their athleticism when they enter into their 30s, get 9-to-5 jobs, and start following a sedentary lifestyle that compels them to make unhealthy choices.

With beer, deep-fried tacos and hot dogs dominating our diet, a lot of us grow increasingly lethargic, engage in little to no physical activity, and embrace our pot bellies, thinking it’s a natural “aging process”.

This is a serious health concern, rooted largely in ignorance.

And as leaders in the wellness supplement market, we’re going to tell you exactly how you could inadvertently be contributing to your own problems:

You Think “Stress” Isn’t a Real Problem

Normally, “30” is considered to be an ideal age to get married. It’s when most men realize that their careers are taking off, they’ve found the love of their life, or it’s time to start a family. Making all these life-altering decisions at the same time can be a little overwhelming and understandably lead to more worries and concerns.

In a research published last year in Public Health, the effects of life stressors on the risk of clinical depression was 50% greater for men than women. Of these, Caucasian men are found to be most vulnerable to depression caused by stress. This makes stress reduction therapy and prevention techniques an important part of treatment.

You Think You’re “Too Young” to Have A Serious Health Condition

You may not have struggled to blow the candles on your 30th birthday cake, but that doesn’t mean you’re immune to the health problems commonly associated with seniors.

Ignoring chronic health issues, like back and knee pain, can easily turn into a serious concern. You’re making an exciting segue into a new chapter in your life, and not preparing for what’s to come can inhibit you from coping with the big changes that lie ahead.

You Eat Like You Did In Your 20s

You Eat Like You Did In Your 20s

Speaking of resisting changes, your vitamin and energy requirements change as you age, which means you simply cannot sustain the same diet you had a decade ago.

Instead of developing unrealistic expectations from your body, give it the fuel and nourishment it needs to actually perform at an optimal level.

This means eating balanced meals, exercising regularly and enriching your diet with energy supplements.

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